Participants for the FortisBC Community Energy Challenge have now been selected. Challenges 1 and 2 will take place prior to the conference, and the remaining 4 Challenges will take place over the course of ISES. Members of the interactive audience will enjoy presentations from the three final teams on Saturday June 11th from 1:00-2:30 in LSC Lecture Theatre 1.


FortisBC is a Founding Partner of ISES 2011 and will be hosting a Community Energy Challenge. The aim of the Challenge is to give student competitors a high-level overview of developing community energy systems and their role in our society. The Challenge is an exclusive opportunity for 24 ISES 2011 delegates to compete and the winning team will receive a $4000 cash prize!


Format: 6 teams of 4


  • 6 teams of 4 will be selected by the Challenge coordination team based on demonstrated interest in/understanding of the subject matter of the challenge
  •  Note: Delegates are welcome to request specific team members, however the Challenge coordination team reserves the right to place delegates in teams as they see fit. Applicants are encouraged to apply individually and will be notified of their other teammates if successful.
  •  Teams will be selected to ensure a multi-disciplinary skill set
  •  Each team represents an energy systems consulting firm and will be competing for a contract to build a district energy system in an urban area
  •  10 days prior to the commencement of ISES 2011, teams will receive their first challenge (research-based)
  •  Once ISES 2011 commences, teams will receive a series of four diverse challenges during the first two days of the event. The nature of these challenges will be revealed to participating delegates when they start – thinking on your feet is valued!
  •  3 teams will be eliminated during the first two days of the Challenge
  •  The final 3 teams will present their findings to a panel of industry experts on the final day of the conference, and delegates will influence the final outcome through audience voting via i-Clickers
  • note: you must be a registered delegate to be eligible for the Challenge

Questions about applying to the FortisBC Community Energy Challenge? Send them to Reuben Bhuyan at rbhuyan@studentenergy.org



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