The Genesis

A logo is more than just a picture; it symbolizes the essence of each International Student Energy Summit. When conceptualizing the theme for an ISES event, the planning committees uses the logo as a creative way to express the overall vision of what the event will address and accomplish.


Vancouver 2011

The ISES 2011 logo was inspired by the theme of the event, “The Evolving Energy Ecosystem”. The green tones reflect the serene nature of the West Coast of Canada (where Vancouver is situated) and the circular shape reflects an ecosystem. The gap in the circle represents the opportunity for students to take an active role as stakeholders in the energy ecosystem.


Calgary 2009

The ISES 2009 logo was inspired by the stunning Rocky Mountains. A mountain’s summit is the origin of rivers that flow out through the Canadian landscape, creating and sustaining life. ISES 2009 attempted to do the same – bring together bright young minds at the summit to educate, encourage and inspire them. Following the summit, their ideas and motivation would flow back to each student’s home community, effecting real change.


Information Package

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The Publication

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