Participants for the ISES 2011 Northern Gateway Pipeline have now been selected.

Participating delegates: download the Northern Gateway Pipeline Case HERE.
Prepared by: Dr. George Hoberg and Andrea Rivers (MSc Canadidate)

Dr. George Hoberg is Professor of Forest Resources Management at the University of British Columbia in 
Vancouver. He is also a faculty associate of the Department of Political Science and a member of the Clean Energy Research Centre at UBC. Dr. Hoberg writes about North American energy policy (with a focus on Western Canada) on his blog, GreenPolicyProf - http://greenpolicyprof.org/wordpress/.


Andrea Rivers is an MSc student in the UBC Department of Forest Resources Management.


ISES 2011 will feature a debate on the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline - a controversial project with both local and global implications. 14delegates will be selected to participate in a multi-stakeholder consultation that will simulate the decision-making process for deciding the fate of the pipeline. Participating students will be divided into seven groups (2 per group) that reflect the different stakeholders involved in the process (which include local, national and international businesses, NGOs and government agencies) and will receive a 15-20 page case of background information 1 week before ISES 2011. Groups will also receive a 1 page brief on their "official position" and will be required to conduct additional research to support their case in the debate. The objective of the exercise is for teams to understand the need for constructive participation in policy development and how major decisions about our energy future are made.


Questions about the Northern Gateway Pipeline Debate? Send them to Jennifer Matchett at jmatchett@studentenergy.org



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