The ISES 2011 program has been rigorously designed by a team of 16 students and reviewed by both the UBC Sustainability Initiative and the ISES 2011 Advisory Board. The ISES program aims to reflect both issues that are global in nature, as well as highlight the unique challenges being faced at the local level in the host city’s region.


The ISES 2011 program will address questions such as:

  • What are the policies, investment strategies, and business mechanisms required to pursue development in an efficient and sustainable manner?
  • How should energy markets be controlled and monitored in order to create outcomes that are positive as well as equitable?
  • What can we do to re-position the energy crisis as a solution to some of the world’s most pressing energy issues?
  • What are the latest innovations oil and gas extraction, and how will they affect the overall environmental impact?
  • Is deep water drilling still socially and financially viable?
  • How can students and researchers coordinate with the energy industry so that focused innovation can be realized on an international level?


The conference format will include:

  • Panel sessions
  • Specialized breakout sessions
  • FortisBC Community Planning Challenge (apply to compete!)
  • Interactive simulation games on real world issues and markets
  • Social networking events (the face-to-face kind)

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