"ISES was amazing. Thank you for all your efforts, this conference has inspired me to take new roads in my life. Thank you again." - Ayoub Ateefa 


"I would like to thank you for organizing the amazing conference - I am absolutely blown away. I've met so many amazing people who inspired me whether personally or professionally. Super sleep-deprived from the late-night chats but super pumped to make a difference as well! You have definitely inspired me!" - Janny Ke 


"Thanks for giving this island boy the experience of a lifetime." - Albert Andall 


"I would like to thank the team for all the efforts to make this event happen at this level of success, everything was well organized and just perfect." - Ammar Alhiti 


"Thank you for putting on such a great event, I was really impressed with the speakers you brought in, the events and the overall conference as a whole. Very well done." - Anthony Price 


"I will like to express my appreciation and congratulatory message to you for organizing such a historic event ISES 2009. Never in my experience in conference participation so far, have I seen such professional event managers. I shall forever remember my stay in Calgary and look forward to seeing you soon."
- Innocent Onah 


"First of all congratulations to the ISES team for successfully hosting the Summit. The Summit was outstanding and very, very informative. I am very grateful to the ISES team for providing me the opportunity to participate in the Summit, being able to learn and know many people from around the world and from all sectors of energy. This summit has really helped us elaborate our knowledge about energy and our role in creating clean, green and sustainable energy futures." - Yogesh Lama 


"I couldn't believe how students and experts came together under the same goal. This was truly amazing. You gave confidence and confirmation to the experts and the older generation that there is a hopeful future. You have opened the eyes of students as it is sometimes hard to picture life in the real world. Seeing how experts became experts and hearing inspirational stories helped me and other students at ISES to dream, imagine and plan our lives." - Selena Choi


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